Retail Therapy: New Shoes

new shoes (3)

Ever since I helped my friend Maria decide to get the Jessica Simpson 'Francesca' pumps in nude, I've been thinking I needed a pair of my own. Last week, when I needed a little pick-me-up and my usual standbys just wouldn't do, I took the plunge and ordered a shiny new pair of my own from Nordstrom online. I chose the ship-to-store option and to my surprise, my order was ready for pick up just 24 minutes later--I was able to pick them up on the way home from work that same day!

new shoes (2)

I've worn them a few times already and I am in love with them--and the compliments they earn me! Friday night, I was stopped on the street by a complete stranger because she wanted to tell me how much she liked me shoes.

New Shoes

When you need something to really brighten your day, what do you turn to?