Subaru impreza Car

The Subaru Impreza is from the smaller car segment. It is a heavily overlooked car because it is priced little more than the popular brands and also lacks awareness as a brand.
But this could be the right kind of car for people seeking power packed fun in a small car.
The Subaru Impreza derives its performance edge from the power train which is very different than the rest and this model has always come with an all wheel drive. There is an element of extra traction when the roads are slippery. In models which are able to deliver a higher horsepower the Subaru Impreza comes with a good chassis which provides the driver with excellent handling. The power train is derived from a horizontal placed four cylinder Configuration.
The latest model of Subaru Impreza is a much refined a bigger car than its predecessors. It comes as a four door hatchback in sedan. It comes in two trims and the first one is 2.5i and WRX coupled with a turbocharged Configuration. It can produce up to 170 horse power with this combination. The drive train passes through five speed manual transmission and having an automatic transmission is also a choice.

subaru impreza
subaru impreza