The Sale of the Year

Last weekend, I was enjoying the warm weather with my roommate while taking a midday stroll through our charming little neighborhood. We happened to walk past a yard sale and this bag caught my eye.

And one of the vintage bags I snagged!

[The bag that started it all]

I walked over and picked up and told B how cute I thought it was. Suddenly, I hear the woman who lives there tell me, "Isn't it cute? It's only a quarter!"

My response: "You're joking, right?"

"Nope!" she happily told me, "It's closeout time... EVERYTHING is a quarter."

We'll have to check with B, but I'm pretty sure my jaw was on the ground. For that price, I couldn't afford NOT to paw through the piles and piles of yard sale goodies.

While searching for treasures, I chatted with the woman and her family. Turns out that her great aunt recently passed away after living a life full of passion for style, shopping, and sewing. I can definitely identify with those things so it makes me happy that this woman's style can sort of live on through me.

One of the vintage hats I picked up today!

[One of the hats I snagged]

I ended up taking home lots of vintage goodies, many still with their tags on them: several skirts & tops, a few bundles of fabric, two giant bags of assorted sewing notions (e.g. lace, buttons, etc.), several hats, a hat box, a handful of bags and clutches, and.... this dress--all for a mere $5! And would you believe this dress was one of the several things I snagged that still had the original tags on it?





Nude lace dress - Vintage Jessica Howard from Nordstrom | Locket - Sway in Santa Cruz, CA
Denim Jacket - American Eagle via Lucky FABB Conf. | Faux wood sandals - Xhilaration
Skinny brown belt - H&M | Oval ring - F21 | On my lips - MAC's Satin Spitfire

I think my new summer hobby might be hunting around for amazing yard sales.

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